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01 Nov

Heirs’ Property and the Partition of Real Estate

Heirs’ property is property that is owned by persons who received the property as a result of a person dying without a will. Each owner has an undivided interest in the property.

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11 Aug

Unmarried Couples Claims Against an Estate

Recently I received an inquiry from a person whose fiancé died without a will. This person wanted to know what rights she had in the estate of her fiancé. When a person dies without a will the laws of intestacy apply to the distribution of the person's property.

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01 Jun

Estate Planning for Real Estate Assets

When estate planning for real estate assets, you should consider choosing an entity that will provide sufficient liability protection, protecting yourself against liabilities generated by the real estate, and determining who will manage the real estate after your death.

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27 Mar

Blended families and Estate Planning

The greatest concern in second marriages is ensuring that each spouse's share of the estate ultimately ends up with his or her desired beneficiaries.

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